Doppelganger is a series of seven digital portraits, based on a group of artists in Basel, Switzerland, where the artist was resident in 2002. The digital portraits were created using the generic models within 3D character modelling and animation software Poser. The parameters of the range of real facial and body types pushes the limits set within the software, causing glitches and ruptures.

The work was presented as a series of larger-than-life printed portraits, set within a blank digital white space, accompanied by 3D generated environments presenting digitally drawn versions of the sitters’ portraiture environment i.e. their studios and homes. The work reflects upon the historical tradition of portraiture, as an important genre in art history and explores the potential of this in the 21st century.

The project has been exhibited at Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow, Galerie Werkstatt, Reinach, Switzerland, on HOST, the New Media Scotland server, WEB3D Symposium, Monterey, USA, Siggraph 2004, Los Angeles Convention Center, USA, JavaMuseum, Cologne, Germany (all 2004) and in ‘Reflection: Contemporary Visual Arts and Crafts in Edinburgh’ at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh (2011). A mini-gra

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