Looking for an artist to "chat" with via the Internet as part of an experimental project "encounter" examining online relationships. The chat will be between two people, the artist initiating the project (who will remain anonymous until it’s completion) and another artist, who we are currently looking for. The conversation will develop on a daily basis over a period of a month using email, IRC and CUseeme. Therefore it is essential that you have easy access to the Internet.

There will be no specific subject for discussion although the aim is to examine how online relationships develop and how much people get to know each other, within a medium where identity can be re-created on a whim. Another aim is to create and expand upon networks of artists. These will be developed through those networks the artists bring to the project themselves, as well a weekly IRC chat through which the conversation will open up to involve more participants.

The two artists will use the names "anon1" and "anon2", the first being the artist currently involved and "anon2" the artist we are looking for (email accounts will be provided). The artists would not use their real names, this is to focus all knowledge of each other purely on what is said as part of the conversation. This will allow the relationship to start from a blank slate, not knowing the others gender, location or previous work. Using real names would provide answers to some of these points immediately.

This conversation will be documented as a website and updated daily during the project by "anon1". On the final day of "encounter" the two artists will meet in person for a public dinner in Lancaster.

"encounter" will run from March 8 – April 5, although the dates can be flexible.

We hope you will be interested in this project, it should be a lot of fun! Any interested artists please email encounter@furnace.org.

The project has been organised as part of the online artist residency My House & Your House with Furnace, Lancaster.

Posted Wed 25th Feb 1998 on the Arts Council of England Bulletin Board.