In conversation


in conversation is a video installation examining the nature of personal communication within networked technologies, specifically the early use of the Internet and email. Beverley was interested in how these networks constantly transfer private and intimate material, although our perception of computers at the time, was typically rational and unemotional.

in conversation uses projected 3D computer generated animation, based on a series of emails, which make up a three month conversation between two individuals. Each email message is created as an digitally animated layer, to build up a dense and visually complex mass of moving text. In the installation, there are two large-scale projected animations, one for each individual’s ‘half’ of the conversation, presented opposite one another. The projected image takes on a sculptural, three dimensional presence but at the same time has a painterly surface quality, apparent in close up.

The work was created at LUTCHI Research Centre, Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University as part of a C&CRS Artist in Residence and Edinburgh College of Art. in conversation was exhibited at the 7th International Computer Arts Festival in Maribor, Slovenia (2001) and in the Festival Exhibition 'Persistence of Vision', at Edinburgh College of Art (2001).