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Interview 3
Feb 2000, Akiyoshi, Japan

Do you knowthe story of Izanagi and Izanami, from the Kojiki? If so, what is it?

I don't know so well (BH What can you remember) Only the names, she doesn't remember the story in detail

Have you visited the Mara Kannon Shrine at Tawarayama?
She's never been there

Do you know what the purpose of this shrine is?
She knows because she heard about the story, the purpose. Especially the person who cannot have the baby they go there the place to pray for having the baby in the future, that's what she heard about it.

Do you know of any other Shrine's to the phallus or male?
She's never heard any other shrines

Have you visited the Chichi Kannon Shrine in Hofu City?
She's never been there.

Do you know what the purpose of this shrine is?
Just recently she heard the story about, and she thinks that person, the woman cannot do the breast feeding, the milk doesn't come out enough, so that sort of person go there to pray.

Do you know of any other shrine's to the breast or woman?
She doesn't know exactly where they are but she remembers there are some shrines similar.

Would you visit either of these places to pray?
She doesn't need to go so she doesn't go (BH - Would it be a possibility in the future?) She may visit if she has the trouble to the breast feeding.

Are such shrines very traditional?
She thinks they're probably is traditional because such trouble could be happen in the past

Do you know of any fertility rituals in Japan apart from visiting the shrines mentioned above? (traditional or contemporary)
She cannot remember any others

Are there any common symbols or objects representing man and woman in Japan?
She, probably they are some, but she doesn't know

I understand red rice was traditionally placed outside the home when a daughter first menstruated. What rituals do you know of (traditional or contemporary) which mark such transitions to adulthood for boys and girls?
She cannot think about any other things, but she herself she didn't do any red rice things but she heard about the red rice to celebrate the first menstruation

Is there any age of consent in Japan?

She doesn't think there is any certain age for it, but she thinks it's all individual, understanding.

If not, when are men and women classed as sexually adult?
That all's individually if they can responsible themselves it okay, but generally we think the 20 years old that we called adult day, that's why she thinks.

Do Japanese children receive sex eduation at school?
Yes, she thinks from junior high school age they start to have sex education at school,aged 12 - 15.

Does this cover just reproduction or other aspects of sexual activity?
She thinks,she doesn't really remember well but she thinks in a more scientific way.

Where and how do they typically receive most of their sex education?
It's all individually different but some teenagers from junior high school and high school students, they're really interested in knowing such things, so they learn looking at the magazines especially she thinks.

Are there any myths told to Japanese children about 'where babies come from'?
She doesn't think there are such myths but she heard the children were told by parent that the children was carried by the bird, the stork but personally she wasn't told such stories by her parents.

Is it common for men and women to have a number of sexual partners?
Yes, she thinks knowadays it happens a lot

Is sex discussed in Japan?
Only close friends they can speak about the sex, but not other people

What is the attitude to Shunga in Japan?

She didn't know anything about the shunga, she didn't even know the shunga existed, soshe thinks the shunga, it's hidden somewhere.

Is pornographycommon in Japan?
Yes she thinks there is quite a lot of pronography because there are quite a lot of magazines.

What is your attitude to pornography?
She personally is not interested in looking at any pornography, but she doesn't care if men are interested in pornography

Love Hotels
What are lovehotels?
She thinks that the man and the woman are going to have sex and that's the purpose of the place

Is it common for people to use these?
There are lotsof numbers of the hotels all over Japan that's why she thinks yes there are a lot of people using it but she doesn't know any one who's using or they don't speak about it that's why she doesn't know

Do people of all ages use Love Hotels?
Yes she thinks there are a large range of ages people using this

What characteristics make a Japanese woman beautiful?

She feel its quite difficult question, she thinks the heart inside makes the persons beauty so can be like their, if the person has got a beautiful heart the words the use naturally come out beautifully.

What characteristics make a Japanese man handsome?
It can be said the same way to men aswell that the heart inside can make the man handsome if the man had got the modest and honest feeling, not only in the feature outside, such a characteristic makes the man handsome.

Do you know what these characteristics were at any previous times in Japanese history, particularly the Edo period?
She thinks in the past, especially the womans got to be modest and not going in front of the men, such attitude was important and then the people think the woman beauty

How old are you?


BH = Beverley Hood (Interviewer), AL = Akemi Lucas (Translator)