Loveseats is a series of digital prints inspired by an international artist in residency programme that Beverley took part in, at the Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi, Japan, in 2000. As part of the residency, Beverley undertook research into Japanese representations of physicality, erotica and intimacy; visiting shrines, interviewing local people and working with objects. The Loveseats sets of prints was inspired by Shunga, a form of Japanese erotica from the Ukiyo-E period (1600-1900), and specifically a scroll Beverley was able to access via local research. The Shunga drawings were transcribed as simple line drawings and digitally overlaid with modernist furniture, indicative of the exclusive furnishings she was surrounded by at the Art Village. The prints attempt to combine the historical and contemporary contradictions of Japan, and bring playful hidden layers of lived experience to the preciousness of high-end design.