Self-portrait (version 1 - 3) is a series of larger-than-life digital prints reflecting upon the tradition of portraiture, in particular the artist's self-portrait and explores the potential of this genre in the 21st century.

The work was created using 3D Character animation software, selected as a contemporary medium and logical progression of tools available for figurative representation and modelling. With these tools three computer generated portraits (version 1 - 3) were created. They begin with 'sketched' version 1, which retains much of the software's default figure proportions, progressively becoming more detailed and realistic in the subsequent versions.

However authentically rendered, all the resulting figures retain a strongly synthetic nature. The portraits are reminiscent of computer game characters yet present a progressive development towards a more 'normal' body shape. This normality provides a level of contradiction to the work, as although the figures are very obviously computer generated, they do not present the stylised shapes normally associated with 3D characters (in computer games etc).

Rather than the normally centimetres high computer generated characters we encounter on screen, the large scale of the prints present the viewer with figures of relative proportions to the human body. This uncomfortable enlargement is intensified by the figures being in fact slightly too large, provoking a somewhat intimidating presence.

in situ