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You can view trans-locale either in the live, performance space or on the web.

Check for the time and date of a performance in the performances section. When the performance begins, the dancers will connect to the conferences as listed in the reflectors section, starting from the top. They will remain connected to each conference for approximately 3 minutes before disconnecting and moving to the next on the list.

To view the work online requires Cu-SeeMe. It is recommended to have installed Cuseeme prior to the performances.

+ cuseeme +

Cu-SeeMe is an Internet Video Conferencing tool, which allows the user to connect to reflectors, from which conferences can be joined. Digital Video can be sent and received via Cu-SeeMe, as well as sound it also provides a text chat window for more speedy conversation. Cu-Seeme can also be used to connect to one other user directly, if their IP address is known.

There are a number of Video Conferencing tools available. trans-locale uses Cu-SeeMe, of which there are a number of different versions. In this case the white pine/cuseeme networks version is advised, as the project uses mainliy white pine reflectors. Using the version developed by Cornell for example, would allow you to join some conferences but the performers would not be visable.

Unfortunately, the demo version of Cuseeme from white pine is no longer available. The commercial version of this software can be purchased online from http://www.cuseeme.com, costing around £35. White Pine offer "a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy with the purchase".

There is a web based version of Cuseeme, "CUseeMe Web", available as a free download (PC only) for Internet Explorer 4 and above. This provides access to a limited number of conferences, which the performance will visit.

Follow the instructions below of how to view trans-locale online, according to which version of Cuseeme you are using.

CuSeeMe software
CUseeMe Web


CuSeeMe software

Open Cuseeme and click the "Manual Dial" button on the main tool bar. This brings up the Manual Dial dialogue box with three tabs "General, Conference & Network".

In the General tab you need to add the IP address of the reflector you wish to connect to. This information is listed in the reflectors section. For example if you wished to connect to DMI, in the Internet address text field you would write: sunsite.tut.fi

You must also specify here if you can send video or not as you can connect to some Cu-SeeMe conferences without a camera, although many do restrict the number of "lurkers" they allow ("lurkers" are participants without a camera). If you are sending video make sure the check box "Send Video" is checked, if not leave unchecked.

Next click the "Conference" tab at the top of the Manual Dial dialogue box.

Here you must specify the conference ID and password (if any). The majority of conferences use the conference ID of 0, in the case of DMI the conference ID is "0" and a password is not needed so should be left blank.

Next, click on the Network tab on the top of the Manual Dial dialogue box.

If the details for the conference include numbers for the min/max Send and Receive you must add this information. For example Vicky's Reflector requires the following settings:

Min/Max Send = 1/15
Min/Max Recv = 1/28

Check the "Use custom settings" to add the Max settings in this case 15 and 28. Check "Enforce minimum rates settings" and set your minium's as specified, in this case 1 and 1.

You are now ready to join the conference! To do so, select "Manual Dial". The software will attempt to connect to the reflector, if successful you will either go directly into a conference, if there is only one on the reflector, or be given a list of conferences to join. You have already entered the conference ID so just click "OK" or "GO".

Follow the dialogue boxes through until you enter the conference where the interface should appear as below:

In the grey boxes the video being broadcast by the conference participants will appear. You can click on the names listed on the to open their video windows.

To watch the trans-locale performance, follow the dancers as they connect and disconnect from the various reflectors listed in the reflectors section. Remember they will only be staying on each reflector for about 3 minutes, so when they disconnect from the conference you must disconnect and join the next on the list in the reflectors section.

N.B. If trans-locale cannot join a conference, because it is full or inactive, it will automatically move to the next conference on the list.


CUseeMe World

Go to the CUseeMe world web site, using Internet Explorer 4 or above.

Download CUseeMe Web (see link on bottom right of front page) and follow installation instructions

Join CUseeMe World (click "join/login"). When you receive your confirmation email go back to the front page of CUseeMe World and Login.

Select "CUseeMe-cafe" from the Channels listed.

"Back Room, The Coffee Bar and Corner Booth" are conferences which trans-locale will enter during the performance. As the CUseeMe Web software is extremely slow and it is sometimes difficult to get on to these channels, it is suggested that once you get onto a conference to stay there and wait for the performance to pass by.

N.B. In testing CUseeMe Web did not work on Windows 2000.

If you have any problems with CUseeME Web follow the "Help" link on the CUseeMe World web site to the FAQ.

For further information contact: trans-locale@bhood.co.uk